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Open Educational Resources (OER) for Educators

Adopt and adapt resources published with an open licence to enhance your teaching and increase student access to materials

OER Evaluation Checklist

As with any resource, OERs should be evaluated to assess their suitability for use. Use this simple checklist to help you decide whether the OER is appropriate for your purposes. 

Licensed for open use

  The license allows for educational reuse

  If wanting to adapt, the license allows for modification and adaption


  Appropriately current. If not, consider whether it is worth updating the resource with current content

  Suitable for your students' level


  The creator is identified and reputable

  Accurate content

  Any audio, video, and images are of high quality

Student Experience

  Clear and easy to understand

  Interface easy to navigate


  Audio and video resources have a transcript or subtitles

  Alternative formats are available if required (as Word document or PDF)

Technical openness

  The resource exists in a format that you can edit

This checklist is adapted from the "OER evaluation checklist” by the University of Queensland Library which was adapted from “BCcampus Open Education Textbook Review Rubric” by BCcampus Open EducationCC BY 4.0 which is a derivative of the “Peer Review criteria” used by Saylor Academy which is a derivative of the review rubric by College Open Textbooks. It is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license.


 Except for logos, Canva designs or where otherwise indicated, content in this guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.