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Ebooks: ebooks @ UWA

Tips and FAQs on using ebooks at UWA

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Welcome to using ebooks at UWA

Ebooks let you:

  • read an ebook in your web browser
  • download an ebook to your computer, tablet, or phone
  • print selected pages from your browser

You can access the Library's ebook collection 24/7, from home, work or anywhere you can access the Internet. However, you may find that printing, downloading and other services vary across platforms. Click on the FAQs below or get in contact with us if you run into any problems. It's also a good idea to read each ebook platform's help page, if available.

If you need further help you can always:

The best way to find ebooks is via OneSearch. You can also search for ebooks within ebook collections and databases which include ebooks.

Ebook FAQs

Why do some ebooks prompt me to loan/checkout?

For some ebook platforms you will need to loan or select a download duration to download a whole ebook. These loans have a set time limit and once they expire the ebook will no longer be available to read on your device.

Why has my ebook loan expired?

Loaned ebooks have time limits. When the loan expires, you lose access to the ebook. Different ebooks can have different loan periods: a textbook might even have a one day loan. In programs like Adobe Digital Editions, when an ebook’s loan expires you will lose access to any annotations you have made. You can loan the ebook again if you require it for longer.

How long are ebook loans?

It varies depending on the provider. Sometimes you can choose your loan period, so look out for that and select a longer loan if you need it. High Demand titles are often a one day loan.

My notes and annotations expired with the ebook!

If you have downloaded an ebook as a PDF, you can highlight text and make notes using a program such as Adobe Reader, or Preview on a Mac. Some ebook platforms such as ProQuest Ebook Central allow you to make annotations in the online viewer, if you register for a free account. In programs like Adobe Digital Editions, when a downloaded ebook’s loan expires you will lose access to any annotations you have made, so make sure to keep another copy!

Can I print out ebooks?

Different ebooks have different printing limits, depending on the ebook provider. Find out more on the Ebook Central and EBSCO eBooks page of this Guide.

Contact a Librarian

Email your questions to our friendly library staff.


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