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Statistics, data and test instruments: ABS

Locate test instruments and critiques of measures

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Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is a national service which collects and makes available statistics and research on many aspects of Australian life. The ABS also conducts the national Census.

Search via Statistics or Topics at a Glance to get an overview of the areas.

ABS website topics Economy Environment Regional People Industry

Australian labour, employment, industry and trade statistics for business and economics students can all be found through the ABS.

Tips on analysing, interpreting and evaluating statistical information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


TableBuilder enables you to create your own tables, graphs and maps of ABS microdata.

Tablebuilder is free to staff and students of UWA but you will need to register with the ABS and be authenticated as a member of UWA. Guest users cannot save tables within the TableBuilder service online. It is therefore recommended to register.

Microdata can be downloaded but must be stored in a manner that ensures unauthorised access does not occur. You must::

For more information, see the Conditions of use you agree to when registering in the Registration Centre

For further information and support, go to the TableBuilder User Guide or the video below.


Finding Census data

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) conducts the Census of Population and Housing every five years, collecting information about key characteristics and numbers of the Australian population.

Current census data can be searched on the main Census page.

Pre-federation data (1834-1901) is available via the Australian Data Archive.  See: (ADA -  Historical).

Post federation data (1911-2016) is available on the ABS website.

Historical census data webpage

DataLab Microdata

DataLab is the analysis solution for high-end users who want to undertake real time complex analysis of detailed microdata. Compare data services to see if detailed microdata in the DataLab is the right service for you.

Researchers who meet ABS safe people criteria are eligable for access to DataLab microdata. Note that as of 1 January 2022, charges are applicable for non-standard DataLab access. See the ABS website for information on cost and applying for and using DataLab

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