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Google and Google Scholar: More Google tools

How to improve your Googling and search Google Scholar more effectively

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Google Images

If you need to find an image, infographic, graph or chart, try searching Google Images. You can even search by entering an image and find out where it is from - called reverse image search. Use the camera option in the search box to do this.

Google images search box

Remember to be careful of copyright considerations when reusing images found online. Google Images allows you to limit your search to images that can be reused. Once you have performed your search, click on Tools under the search box and from the usage rights drop-down menu, select the appropriate option. 

Google images usage rights

For more information on copyright and finding copyright-free images, see the Images and Video Survival Guide.


Google Patents

Google Patents includes over 87 million patent publications from over 17 patent office around the world, including the United States, Europe, Japan, China and the United Kingdom. It also allows searching of prior art by ticking the "include non-patent literature" box, which includes results from Google Scholar. 

Google Patents can be searched by patent number, keyword or phrase, as well as by inventor by using the inventor: prefix. See About Google Patents for advanced search tips.

For more information on finding patents, including Australian patents, see the Patents, Standards and Codes Survival Guide.

Google Public Data Explorer

Google Public Data Explorer enables the general public to use, explore and manipulate large public interest datasets, such as the World Development Indicators and data from Eurostat and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is designed to be used for data visualisation and embed these into webpages that update automatically.