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Library Research Support Program: Home

A guide to the Library's Research Support Program, including upcoming events and event recordings

The Program

Experienced UWA Senior Librarians provide guidance in relation to information and data discovery, systematic review searching, information and data management, copyright, publishing, research profiles and metrics, and engagement with research outputs.

On this page you will find the calendar for upcoming events and recordings of previous webinars

Workshops can also be provided on an ad-hoc basis to schools, centres and research groups. 

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements:

Webinar recordings

Click on the title of the workshop to view the workshop recording in Microsoft Stream. You may need to login with your UWA credentials (e.g. and Pheme password).

Searching for literature and information

Ovid Medline Systematic Review Searching

This webinar covers how to systematically construct a comprehensive search strategy in the Ovid Medline database using keywords and MeSH Subject Headings harvested from Seed References. It includes a demonstration of proximity searching, MeSH subject heading and keyword searching, testing the strategy captures Seed References, saving, editing and documenting the search strategy and exporting search results for a Systematic or Scoping Review.

Recorded 25 October 2023
Powerpoint Sildes

Cover slide Systematic Reviews

Systematic Reviews: Developing a robust search strategy (Introductory)

A Systematic Review requires a rigorous and systematic search of the literature. In this introductory seminar, we give and overview of a comprehensive approach to Systematic Reviews, and key sources and tools available to you.


Recorded 17 October 2023

Comprehensive Literature Searching

Ensure that your literature searching is effective, efficient and thorough. Learn how to:

  • Gain an overview of different search strategies you can use.
  • Translate your strategy to OneSearch and other databases and information sources. 
  • Evaluate and manage your search results. 

Recorded October 2023.

Get More Out Of Google

Everyone Googles... but do you really know how to get the best out of Google for your research? This workshop will demonstrate the best tips and tricks to use Google to find scholarly sources and other relevant materials for your research.

Recorded 6 May 2022

Publishing and managing research

Nature Science panel

Publishing in Nature and Science: an online panel discussion

Join the DVC (Research) Prof Anna Nowak and a panel of UWA authors chaired by Prof Ryan Lister who shared their insights into publishing in the Nature and Science journals. Our featured guest speaker is Dr Nic Waddell from QUT and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute who has published multiple articles in Nature.

Recorded 9 November 2022

Where to Publish

It's more important than ever to be strategic about where you publish your research; to maximise reach and potential impact, as well as ensure you are working with quality and legitimate publishers. 

Recorded 20 June 2023

Pathways to Open Access Publishing

This webinar explores the open access publishing options available to UWA researchers, the benefits of open access publishing and covers licensing and copyright options.

Recorded 27 June 2023.

Read and publish agreements webinar placeholder im

UWA Read & Publish Open Access agreements webinar

The Library has entered into “Read and Publish” agreements with several journal publishers to support open access publishing of UWA research at no additional cost to researchers.

Learn more about the 2022 Read and Publish agreements available to UWA researchers in this 30 minute webinar. 

Recorded 25 August 2022

Keeping Your Research Current July 2023

Keeping Your Research Current

New information is created every second of every day, and it’s often overwhelming to keep track of the latest research developments and trends. Learn about tools to help you keep abreast of new publications, news and developments in your field.

Recorded 03 July 2023.

Image of open book

Springer Nature Author Symposium

In collaboration with the UWA Library, Springer-Nature publishers hosted an Online Author Symposium on journal and book publishing. Topics included: what a journal editor looks for in a manuscript, the editorial process including peer review, choosing a journal, the book publishing process and Open Access publishing.

Recorded: 8 August 2023

Copyright and Your Thesis

Learn about copyright and the copyright obligations of HDR students writing a thesis at UWA.

Recorded 22 August 2023

Research Profiles and performance

Workshop title slide

UWA Profiles: Raising your profile with Industry and External Partners

Enhance your industry engagement and learn to harness your UWA Profile’s visibility and accessibility to connect with industry and external partners. The University Library and the Office of Industry and Commercial Development show how to craft your UWA Profile to promote your experience and capabilities to industry and external partners.

Recorded 23 November 2023

Decorative image showing an example profile photo and the title of the webinar

HDR Profiles - How Can a Profile Benefit me?

UWA HDR students are eligible for a profile in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository. Profiles are a great way to start telling your research story and showcase your experience and achievements as they happen. Presented by the Graduate Research School and the University Library, this online seminar will take you through how to set up your profile and start adding content.

Recorded on 14 November 2022

Populating your UWA Profile: An Introductory Seminar

A seminar aimed at UWA staff or HDR students who have not yet made any significant updates to their profile; who are new to the University; or who want to know more about the UWA Profiles and Research Repository. It covers the key elements of your UWA Profile and how these are populated.

Recorded on 11 November 2022

Socialising research title slide

Socialising Your Research: A Panel Discussion

Socialising your research can be a great way to increase visibility of your work and publications and lead to increased collaborations and citations. Come and learn from researchers who have been successfully socialising their research across a range of subject areas to find out what works and how to get started. 

Recorded 5 November 2021

Benchmarking workshop title slide

Benchmarking Your Research With Incites

Use the Incites databases to benchmark your research against that of others, using citation data.

Recorded 17 September 2021

Measuring Your Research Performance

This session discusses the importance of researcher profiles, and how to measure the performance of your research using a number of different metrics such as citations, altmetrics and evidence of journal quality.

Recorded on 22 October 2020

Showcase Your UWA Profile

Learn the importance of a UWA Profile and how to use your profile to showcase your research, your teaching and a variety of other engagement activities. 

Recorded 3 September 2020

Capturing your research engagement and impact activities

This seminar provides an overview of research impact, why it is important to actively plan for and pursue impact, what engagement and impact activities are and how you can highlight these in your UWA Profile.

Recorded 21 August 2020

Find your best performing papers title slide

Find Your Best Performing Papers

Applying for a grant, award or promotion and need to identify your best performing papers? Let us show you how to do this using the Incites database, which uses data from Web of Science to analyse your performance in relation to other publications in your subject area.

Recorded November 2020

Research Data


Research Data Management 101

When commencing your research project, it's important to have a basic understanding of research data management principles and know some practical strategies for managing, organizing and preserving research data throughout the research lifecycle. Kylie Black, Research Data Specialist currently on secondment with the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) joined us to share her tips and specialist knowledge in research data management.
A UWA Data Week 2023 event.

Recorded on 7 August 2023.


The CARE Principles: Respecting Indigenous data governance

Does your research involve handling, managing and/or analysing Indigenous data? If so, you should consider applying the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance.

Dr Robin Burgess from the ARDC presents on how the CARE Principles apply throughout the research data lifecycle to properly manage data relating to Indigenous peoples.

A UWA Data Week 2023 event.

Recorded 10 August 2023

Good Data Practices: ARDC Resources for UWA researchers

Good Data Practices: ARDC Resources for UWA researchers

Hear from Mary Filsell, Data Consultant for WA at the ARDC, about the ARDC's Research Data Commons and all the support the ARDC can offer UWA researchers working with research data. ARDC: Australian Research Data Commons

A UWA Data Week 2023 event.

Recorded 11 August 2023

Research Data Management 101

We discuss the risks of not properly managing your data, then go through the factors you need to address to write a Data Management Plan, using the newly updated Research Data Management Toolkit.

Recorded 24 March 2022

The FAIRest data of them all

Data sharing benefits scientific advancement by promoting transparency, reducing duplication, sparking new discoveries, encouraging collaboration and driving better decision-making.
Are there guidelines you can follow to prepare your data for sharing? The answer is yes! This webinar introduces the FAIR Data Principles: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, and support available so that you can make your data FAIRer right away.
Presented as part of UWA Data Week 2022.

Recorded 20 September 2022

When Sharing Isn't Caring: A panel discussion on de-identified research data

How do you protect the anonymity of your research participants while also enabling your research data to be shared with reviewers and the research community? Our panel discusses the importance of deidentified  data and some of the ways that this can be achieved.

Recorded 18 November 2020

UWA Data Week: Publishing your research data in the UWA Repository

Publishing your research data in the UWA Repository

This brief webinar provides an introduction to how to publish your research data in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository.

Open research data has huge potential benefits, including citations to data, encouraging research collaborations, increasing the value and impact of research and contributing to advancing academic knowledge.

Presented as part of UWA Data Week 2022.

Recorded 21 September 2022

UWA Data Week: The R in FAIR

The R in FAIR: Reusing data, and how to make yours reusable

There are many benefits to reusing data - either your own, or someone else's. But you can't just put your data online or freely use other people's data.  Learn how to find and reuse data, and make your data as open as possible and as closed as necessary.

Presented as part of UWA Data Week 2022.

This workshop is presented by the Australian Research Data Commons.

Recorded  21 September 2022.

UWA Data Week 2022

Real World Data: A panel discussion on data management

Panelists with a wide range of experience working with research data will be discussing their data mnagement planning and active management. The panel will be chaired by PVC Health and Medical Research Professor Romola Bucks. This is a great opportunity to hear about the practicalities of working with research data from the perspective of UWA researchers.

Part of UWA Data Week 2022.

Recorded 14 October 2022


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