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Citations, Altmetrics and Researcher Profiles: Overview

A guide to the key tools for examining research impact, as well as setting up and managing your research profiles.

Measuring research impact

The activity of measuring and describing the impact of academic research is becoming increasingly important in Australia and around the world. Providing an indication of the quality of your research in grant funding or career development applications is now a standard activity, and can highlight why you are a worthy recipient of such awards.

This Guide provides an overview of the use of citation analysis, impact factors and altmetrics as measure of the level of engagement with research publications. The Research Impact website provides information on the translation of UWA research into practice and its economic, social and environmental impact. For more information on using these metrics in a grant application, refer to the Streamlined Application Support Program (Pheme credentials needed).The Research Impact Glossary provides a useful place to start in terms of assessing research impact at the broadest level.

Indicators of research engagement

Research impact measurement is often described using quantitative methods such as citation countsjournal impact factors and using researcher specific metrics such as the h-index; you may hear this type of measurement referred to as 'bibliometrics'.

However, impact can also be described qualitatively in terms of social and cultural applications and measures of esteem.

Different subject areas will focus on different methods of analysing research engagement. Traditionally, Science and Medical areas rely more heavily on quantitative measures than the Arts and Humanities. The focus on different measures may also change depending on the purpose of the analysis.

Purpose of this guide

This guide will describe the different resources which can assist you to examine the level of community engagement with your research. For more information and assistance, please contact the Senior Librarian in your subject area.

Researcher Profiles

Set up at least one researcher profile in order to:

  • Distinguish you from similarly named authors
  • Better track your citations
  • Manage your publications list
  • Enhance your UWA researcher profile page by including a link to other profiles

Please contact your Library's Faculty Team in your subject area for assistance.

For more information see the page on Researcher profiles.