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Business - Using Bloomberg: Getting started

This guide contains short videos explaining how to use some key functions of Bloomberg to find key company, industry and economic news, data and analysis

Getting access to Bloomberg

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, remote access to the Bloomberg Terminal has been temporarily enabled. To access remotely, book the terminal as per normal: You will then be emailed access instructions. Please do not access the Terminal before your timeslot, as you will disrupt the previous user. Email if you have any questions.



A Bloomberg terminal is available on the ground floor of the Barry J Marshall Library and from several locations in the Business School. Bloomberg is not web based and it is not available off-campus. 

You can book the Bloomberg & Eikon PC in the Barry J Marshall Library at:

Bloomberg can be accessed in the Trading Room located in the UWA Business School. For information and access via the Trading Room please contact the Business School.


Getting Started with Bloomberg

Barry J Marshall Library

1. Make your booking using the online booking calendar -

2. Log in to the computer with your UWA Personal ID and Pheme password.

3. Double click the Bloomberg icon on the desktop to open Bloomberg.

4. Choose “Create a new login”. Follow the instructions to enter your name, create a password and enter your contact details (including email address). You will need to validate your login details by entering a code which will be sent to the email address that you have entered as part of your contact details. 


Business School

1. Log in to the computer with your ID details as requested. Double click the Bloomberg icon on the desktop.

2. Click anywhere in the screen titled “1-BLOOMBERG” (you will see this in the extreme top left of this screen).  You will then be prompted for your login name and password. If you have not previously created an account follow the instructions for setting this up (see Barry J Marshall Library Step 4 above). Once you enter the Bloomberg login details, two additional Bloomberg screens open (4 screens in total) indicating that Bloomberg is ready for access. 

The Bloomberg keyboard

Bloomberg has a distinctive keyboard.

Bloomberg - 25 tips and tricks

Help and tutorials

For assistance using Bloomberg there is extensive help, including 24/7 live chat, within the program.


Bloomberg basics for students

Most used Bloomberg codes

DES Security description
CF Company filings
FA Financial analysis
SPLC Supply chain break down
RV Relative valuation (for benchmarking against comparable companies)
GP Standard price chart for a company (graphs)
GIP Intraday price chart and chart options
BRC Research - e.g. broker reports
EQS Equity screening - set  screens to customise criteria for equities analysis 
BI Bloomberg Industries - industry level analysis 
CN Company news
READ Financial news, most read items etc
WEI World Equity Indices - market surveillance of the world's equity indices
MA Mergers and Acquisitions
BTMM Treasury and Money Markets
COUN Country overview
WB World Bond markets
ECST World Economic Statistics
ECTR Interactive trade flow data from the IMF showing trade flows from 1980
ECFC Economic forecasts 
FXC Data on currencies updated in real time
WCRS World currency rankings
CMDS Current global or regional commodities landscape 
CMBQ Singe commodity overview
BMAP Visualisation of commodity production and flow at a global or local level


Contact for support

Email your questions to our friendly library staff.


HDR Students

UWA Staff

More contact options are available on the Library Contact us page.