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Unit Readings Support

Unit Readings is UWA's system for sharing reading lists with students

Send list to Library

After you have reviewed your List, click on the SEND LIST button located at the top of your list to alert the Library to process your list.

Until you select SEND LIST, any items you add to your list are only seen by you.  You can tell if something has not been sent to the Library for processing if the item shows the status as Being Prepared.  

The status on individual items will be either:

  • Being prepared – you are still working on editing your list.
    Think of it as being in draft mode at the item level.  Only you will see the item in this list.
  • Sent – item has been sent to the Library to be processed.
    Students will not see this item until the Library has processed it.
  • Complete – item has been processed by the Library. Students will see this item in their list.

To check if you have already sent a list to the Library, hover your mouse over the Send List button and check the information displayed in the tooltip.  "Send list to library for review" will appear in the tooltip if the list hasn't already been sent.  Otherwise a last sent date and time will appear. 

Lists are processed in the order that they are received, so send through your list as soon as possible to ensure it is processed in time for the unit start date.  You can continue to add items to your list after you have sent it to the Library for processing.  If you do update your list with more items, remember to click on Send List again, so the library can process them. 

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Make list available to students

​The Unit Readings link is visible in your LMS unit by default. If the link to Unit Readings isn't displaying to students in the LMS menu on the left of the navigation pane, you should make the link visible.


When you click on a Unit Readings list from the student preview mode of the LMS, it only allows you access to the list if you are an enrolled student. Lists can instead be previewed as a student within the Unit Readings system.

View list as student

As long as the link to Unit Readings in the left LMS menu is visible to students, and the list has been sent to the Library, it will be made available to enrolled students.

If you cannot see the Unit Readings link listed in your units LMS please contact the e-learning team for assistance. 


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Add items to list during semester

You can add more items to your reading list at any time during Semester, following the instructions to edit your reading list. Just remember to press the 'Send list' button when you're finished, to notify the Library to process the new items.

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What does my reading list status mean?

Your reading list will show a number of different statuses depending on the current stage of processing.

When your list shows the status Being prepared, this means that you are still preparing your list, and you have not yet sent the list to the Library.

The list status Ready for processing appears after you have pressed 'send list'. This means that you have sent your list to the Library, and Library staff have been notified to begin processing the list.

The status Being processed means that Library staff have begun to work on your reading list.

Complete means that Library staff have finished processing your list. This means that any requests such as for a new book or a digitisation have now been fulfilled, and the list is ready for students.

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When will my list be processed?

The Library aims to process reading lists in the order they are received. However at peak times it may be necessary to prioritise processing to:

  • Items tagged as Essential textbook or High Demand
  • Sections of lists labelled for the first few weeks of semester ie; Week 1

To ensure your Week 1 and 2 readings are processed in time for the start of semester, it is recommended to arrange your list into weekly sections.List sections Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

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