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Music scores and sound recordings: Finding a scholarly performing edition of Mozart Clarinet Concerto

Tips for finding music scores and sound recordings.

Finding a scholarly performing edition of Mozart Clarinet Concerto (clarinet with piano reduction)

Step 1 - Advanced search for Mozart Clarinet Concerto

Use the Author field to type the surname: Mozart

Add work number 622.  (Optional: add clarinet)

Step 2 - Click on the first record in the results list

You will see 5 results.  Click on the first record to see all the versions of this record.

Step 3 - To remove the audio files appearing in List of Versions, under the Refine my Results, select Resource Type - Scores

Step 4 - Note the locations of the scores and publisher details in the results list. Click on the Title link to see format of the work

This set of results lists a number of different publishers and locations.

Barenreiter publications are excellent modern, scholarly editions, and recommended for exam/recital performances.

Music Library Score collection = Scores that are available for loan

Music Library Collected Ed. collection =  Scores that are for use in the Library only (scholarly reference scores)

Step 5 - Details view: Format field shows what type of score this is.

The Format field shows whether this is a full score, score with parts, miniature score, etc.

In this record, the Notes field shows the accompaniment has been arrange for piano, and this is an urtext edition, (scholarly edition based on the original manuscript or sources to reflect the composer's original intentions).

This is a good score to use for your recital or exam.


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