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Images and videos: Referencing

Finding and using visual media in your research and studies

Banner image sources:Morguefile/Pixabay/Pexels 123, 45 licensed under a CC0 Public Domain licence.

Attributing Creative Commons works

How to attribute work under Creative Commons licence:

  • credit the creator;
  • provide the title of the work;
  • provide the URL where the work is hosted;
  • indicate the type of licence it is available under and provide a link to the licence (so others can find out the licence terms); and
  • keep intact any copyright notice associated with the work.

"Attributing Creative Commons Materials." Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation / Creative Commons Australia


Referencing images and videos

Videos and images you use in a presentation, web site, essay, report etc... must be cited according to the referencing style you are using (APA, Harvard, etc.). See the Referencing guides for more information and examples of each style. Any videos or images must be attributed to the owner of the copyrighted work.

Remember to make a note of information like the creator's name, the image title, URL, book title, etc, as soon as you decide to use an image, so you have all the details you need when you write your references.

The following information may be required in the citation, depending on the style:

  • Artist's Name, if known
  • Title of Image
  • Institution where held, if known.
  • Title of article or book (if applicable)
  • Author of article or book (if applicable)
  • Title and Date of magazine (if applicable)
  • Database name (if applicable)
  • Date of access if online or the publication if originally from print material
  • URL (if applicable)

Referencing in videos

Don't forget when you create a video, you need to reference any images, audio, videos, books, articles etc you mention or use in the video.

Generally, referencing in videos is done in the credits text at the end of a video. If uploading video to sites like YouTube where there is a text description box, references can also be written in the description.

Remember not to use copyrighted material (video, audio, images) in a video you upload unless you have permission from the copyright holder, or your use is covered under Australian Fair Dealing copyright law.