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Mendeley referencing software: Mendeley Web

Software that helps with referencing. In this guide learn about Mendeley and download Mendeley.

Before You Begin Mendeley Web

Before you begin to use Mendeley Web you should install the Mendeley Web Importer.  The home page on your Mendeley Web account has a link to the importer.

Mendeley Web Importer

Type in from the Keyboard

On the My Library tab in your Mendeley Library click on + Add and select Add entry manually.

Mendeley Web Manual Entry

Enter your information in the right hand panel and click on Save when finished.

Add PDF Document

On the My Library tab in your Mendeley Library click on + Add and select Add file(s)....

Mendeley Web Add File

Select your PDF file from the file browers dialog box.

Mendeley will create the reference information and attach the PDF.

Check that the refrence information in the  right hand panel is correct and edit as necessary.

Note!  because Mendely is parsing the data from the PDF and using a heuristic for identifying reference information, it can sometimes make mistakes.

Mendeley Web Importer

Mendeley's Web Importer is supported by


Mendeley Supported Sites


To import a reference click on the Save to Mendeley button on your brower's tool bar.  In the popup box either click on Save all or on the + button(s) next the reference(s) that you want to import.  The example below is for a full text database.  If a PDF copy of the paper is available an icon appears next to the reference.  Leaving the Download PDFs if available box checked will import the PDF's along with the references.


Mendeley Web Import


Note!  If you select individual references there will be a slight delay after the + button is clicked.  When the button turns to a green tick the reference has been imported.  If the Save all button is clicked it will change to Saved when the references have been imported.

For databases not supported by the Mendeley Web Importer it is better to use Mendeley Desktop.

Once all required references have been saved the Mendeley popup can be closed by clicking on the cross in the top left hand corner.

Sync Records from Mendeley Web

Check your Mendeley Desktop Sync settings by clicking on the Edit Settings button


Mendeley Edit Settings



Mendeley Desktop will snchronise with Mendeley Web each time it is opened.  You can force it to sync at any time by clicking the Sync button


Mendeley Sync Button