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Open Access Toolkit: Publish Open Access at reduced rate

Article Processing Charge (APC) discounts

The University Library is a support member of number of Open Access (OA) services.  This means that UWA researchers can publish at these services at the reduced rate. 

BioMed Central – 15% discount on APCs. 

SpringerOpen - 15% discount on APCs.

Nucleic Acid Research – 50% discount on APCs.

The Royal Society - 25% discount on APCs

You will be automatically recognised as a UWA author based on your IP range. If submissions are from outside the UWA IP range confirmation of affiliation is requested i.e. a UWA email stem.

There is no charge to the author to upload a permitted version of their article into the UWA Profiles and Research Repository.

Through partnership with SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics), UWA researchers can publish Open Access at no cost in selected High-Energy Physics journals.  




The University Library APC Fund

Since September 2018, eligible UWA authors may apply for support to cover the cost of the Article Processing Charge (APC) when publishing a research article in a high-quality peer-reviewed open access journal. This APC assistance is a 'safety net' option for staff who have no alternative source of funding, such as an ARC or NHMRC grant, which could be used to cover the cost. APC fund applications will be assessed against set criteria. More information about APC Fund can be found here.

Open Access Books

In certain subject areas, research findings are frequently published in books rather than journals. Until recently, there were limited open access options available for books, however thanks to organizations like Knowledge Unlatched (KU), the open access books publishing landscape is gradually evolving.

Knowledge Unlatched (established in September 2012 by publisher and social entrepreneur Frances Pinter) acts as a coordinator of the Global Library Consortium supporting open access books in response to a prolonged crisis in monograph publishing and the opportunities presented by digital technology and open access.

UWA Library is one of the KU supporting libraries which contribute funds towards ‘unlatching’ the books and journals.


How can you get your book published through KU?

In order to be part of the Knowledge Unlatched programme, your publisher will need to make your book available to the Knowledge Unlatched consortium. This is something that you should raise with your publisher - let them know that you would like your book to be part of the Knowledge Unlatched programme! Check here which publishers are already involved.

You can learn more about how KU works by referring to their website and FAQs.

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What is Knowledge Unlatched?

SCOAP3 at glance