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Legal research guide: Public Law: Books and journals

Find legislation, case law, key journals and databases, and tips on keeping your research current, in the area of Australian Public Law.

Find books

All of UWA's books, whether print or electronic, can be found via OneSearch.

For books on a topic:

Use  *  to truncate or substitute in keyword searches,
   e.g.: constitution* = constitution, constitutions, constitutional, constitutionality

Use  " "  for phrase searches,
   e.g.: "international law"

To find a known book:

Use  " "  around the title in OneSearch
   e.g.: "Hanks Australian constitutional law"


Recommended article databases

For a full list of databases go to OneSearch > Databases

Check out the OneSearch Guide for more search tips! Most databases also have their own very useful suggestions for searching

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