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Legislation: Bills

Find out about acts, delegated legislation, bills, parliamentary documents and extrinsic materials for Australian jurisdictions


Bills are acts in draft form.

Every Bill has three readings in each House of Parliament. It is usually amended several times before being given royal assent and becoming an act.

One way to keep an eye on changes in different areas of law is to monitor the Bills before parliament.

Each Bill is accompanied by an explanatory statement, often referred to as an explanatory memorandum. This statement explains the content of the Bill, provision by provision.

Commonwealth - Bills

Western Australia - Bills

Other Australian jurisdictions - Bills

Commonwealth - RSS feed - Bills Digests

This feed links to Bills Digests which provide a plain English summary of Bills and detail their purpose, background and main provisions (from Parliament of Australia).

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Western Australia - RSS feed - new Bills

This feed advises of recent Bill activity within the Western Australian parliament. You can also subscribe to email tracking of each new Bill in the WA Parliament.

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