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Research Data Management Toolkit: Sharing/Reuse

Best practices in Research Data Management promote research integrity and collaborative opportunities. A Data Management Plan ensures data security, accessibility and validation of results.

Institutional Research Data Store (IRDS)

The UWA IRDS provides researchers with a centralised, secure and UWA-supported data storage facility  to store electronic research data, enabling ongoing access to these valuable assets at no cost to researchers and in a broad range of file types.

Store owners can assign access permissions to their UWA collaborators via Service Desk forms available at the IRDS landing page.

External collaborator access to your IRDS Store can now be achieved by asking your external collaborators to complete a human resources form.

For assistance contact

Data Sharing at UWA

Collaborative UWA Environments

UWA staff have access to collaborative software environments such as Confluence and Sharepoint. Ask the UWA Service Desk or the Librarian Support Team for more information.


UWA Profiles and Research Repository

Research datasets can be uploaded into the UWA Profiles and Research Repository to make them publicly discoverable and downloadable.

Benefits of publishing datasets in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository:

  • Obtain a DOI
  • Assign a Creative Commons license
  • Assign levels of access
  • Generate a dataset citation
  • Make the dataset publicly discoverable, including through Research Data Australia.

Refer to the Datasets FAQs for more information.


Australian Data Archive (ADA)

UWA is also storing datasets on the Australian Data Archive (ADA) for further analysis by researchers. ADA Data Access information and forms are available.

Those interested in contributing their research to ADA can find information on how to do this on the ADA website.


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