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EndNote referencing software: Filters

Software that helps automate your referencing. In this guide find out about EndNote, download EndNote (UWA staff and students only) and complete our Endnote Learning Path

What are Filters?

Filters allow you to download search results from a database into EndNote. Filters convert the fields in a catalogue or database record into a form that can be recognised by the EndNote software. 

EndNote comes preloaded with many filters, and additional filters can be downloaded from the EndNote website

UWA Factiva filter
The following filter is required to import reference from the Factiva database.  (The default EndNote filter does not import references correctly.)


ProCite RIS filter to import from OneSearch

Currently, the RIS File is not formatting correctly. This is issue is being looked at by OneSearch technicians. In the meantime, please use the ProCite RIS filter that is preloaded in EndNote.

For more detailed instructions, please view our Importing references from UWA OneSearch page.

Instructions for using Filters

First make sure you have a filter for the database you wish to search.  A typical installation installs 100 filters selected by EndNote.  If you don't find a filter you need in this set, change your installation to include more filters or download the required filter from EndNote.  Save to your EndNote filters folder.

  1. Conduct your search.
  2. Save your results in the format specified for the filter.
  3. Save the results to a disk or a place on your hard drive where you can find them easily again.
  4. Open EndNote and your chosen library.
  5. Select File and then Import.
  6. Browse to your search results using the Choose file button.
  7. Find the appropriate filter using the pulldown menu in the Import option window.
  8. Click on Import.