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SLIP: Register

SLIP - UWA Registration Process

Registering for a SLIP account involves a number of steps which must be completed accurately and in the correct sequence.

To register for a SLIP account and get access to all resources included in UWA's subscription please follow the steps below.

Note!  Users registered on the old SLIP Enabler system will need to re-register on the new SLIP system.  For more information see the About tab.

The SLIP registration process consists of three steps:

  1. Register for a SLIP account with public access rights. This step gives you a user identity on SLIP but, only gives you the same rights as an unregistered member of the public
  2. Activate your SLIP account. This step must be completed within 24 hours of receiving an e-mail from slip confirming your registration details
  3. Apply to join the UWA users group. This will give you access to additional content available under the UWA subscription

    Note! There are two UWA groups, one for staff and one for students. The students group does not include access to the Tenure data set. Students requiring access to this data set will need to apply to join the UWA Staff group. Applications to join the UWA Staff group submitted by students will need be supported by an email to from an academic staff member approving the request.