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Harvard citation style: Internet / Websites

Websites or Online

Material Type

In-Text Example

Reference List Example


(University Library 2015)           

University Library 2016, University Library Home Page, 26 February 2016, The University of Western Australia. Available from: [31 March 2016].

When referencing a website as a whole, including the following:

  • Author - the person or organisation responsible for the site
  • Site date - the year the site was created or last revised
  • Name of the sponsor of the source
  • URL
  • Date of viewing the source
Webpage (Weida & Stolley 2013)

Weida, S & Stolley, K 2013, Developing strong thesis statements. Available from: [13 October 2015].

When referencing a webpage within a website, including the following:

  • Author - the person or organisation responsible for the site
  • Site date - the year the site was created or last revised
  • Title of the webpage
  • Name of the sponsor of the source (if applicable)
  • URL
  • Date of viewing the source
Webpage: no date (Apprentice Support Australia n.d.)

Apprentice Support Australia n.d., What is an apprenticeship. Available from: apprenticeship. [20 October 2015].

Document from a webpage (Department of Premier and Cabinet 2009)

Department of the Premier and Cabinet 2009, Pandemic planning in the workforce, Queensland Government. Available from: [13 October 2015].

To avoid very long URLs, it is acceptable to give the home page for a website rather than the exact URL of the page you are referencing as long as the website has a search facility.

Blog (Mercoulia 2015)

Mercoulia, P 2015, 'A glimpse into coal's future', Greenpeace Australia Pacific Blog, blog post, 15 June.  Available from: -future/. [13 October 2015].

Computer Software (Thomson Reuters 2014)

Thompson Reuters 2014, EndNote X7.2.1, software program, Thompson Reuters, New York.

Image with no known creator (Netfertari with Isis n.d.)

Netfertari with Isis n.d., image. Available from: [13 October 2015].

Image with known creator (Colli 2009)

Colli, MG 2009, Bilbao_6 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, image. Available from: [13 October 2015].

Podcast (Crawford 2009)

Crawford, M 2009, Shop class as soulcraft, audio podcast, Future Tense, Radio National, ABC Radio, Sydney, 5 November. Available from: /3098308. [30 October 2015].

Wiki ('Internet entrepreneur' 2012)

Internet entrepreneur 2012, Wikiversity, wiki, 6 January 2016. Available from: https://en.wikiversity .org/wiki/Internet_entrepreneur. [2 February 2016].

Facebook (UWA Library 2015)

UWA Library 2015, Special collections in the Reid Library, Facebook post, 14 April. Available from: [22 October 2015].

Twitter (Gillard 2014)

Gillard, J [JuliaGillard] 2014, 'Stella Young was a shining light for care and action on disabilities.  We mourn her passing and rededicate ourselves to her spirit. JG', Twitter post, 7 December. Available from: [22 October 2015].

YouTube (TEDTalks 2013)

TED Talks 2013, Ken Robinson: how to escape education's death valley, YouTube video, 10 May. Available from: [22 October 2015].

MOOCs video (Austin 2015)

Austin, R 2015, Strategic management, Copenhagen Business School Coursera MOOC, 15 February - 21 March.  Available from: [8 February 2015].