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Harvard citation style: Journal Articles

Journal Articles

  • When citing journal articles with multiple authors, follow the same format for the author field as for books with multiple authors.
  • When citing make sure you indicate which is the title of the "article" and which is the title of the Journal.
  • Citations for online journals must have the access date and details of the database in which the journal appears online. [Note: Databases are 'bundles' of journals and a journal article found online will often be in a journal that is part of a bigger database.]
  • When citing "born-digital" journal articles from an online journal (one that has never been produced in print form):
  1. Do not include an issue or volume number (unless they are present)
  2. For direct quotations, include a paragraph number in the place of page numbers in in-text references, using the abbreviation 'para'. Count paragraphs if numbers are not visible, and for long articles use section headings to break up the paragraph numbering. Enclose the section headings in single quotation marks within the in-text reference (e.g.. 'Introduction' para. 3).
  • When citing online journals that have a volume and/or issue number, follow the format for a Journal Article from an Electronic Database, substituting the database name for the URL of the article.


Material Type

In-Text Example

Reference List Example

Journal article: available on CMO

(Jennings 1997)           

Jennings, P 1997, 'The performance and competitive advantage of small firms: a management perspective', International Small Business Journal, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 63-75. Available from: The University of Western Australia Australian Library Course Materials Online. [1 September 2004].

Journal article: print (Conley & Galeson 1998)

Conley, TG & Galeson, DW 1998, 'Nativity and wealth in mid-nineteenth century cities', Journal of Economic History, vol. 58, no. 2, pp. 468-493.

Journal article: electronic database (Liveris 2011)

Liveris, A 2011, 'Ethics as a strategy', Leadership Excellence, vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 17-18. Available from: ProQuest. [13 October 2015].

Journal article: online only journal (no volume or issue number available) "Over a dozen writers applied before the August 31 deadline" (Bustamante 2014, 'Public library of Cincinnati', para. 4.).

Bustamante, C 2014, 'Libraries welcome writers in residence', Library Journal.  Available from: -writers-in-residence/. [29 September 2014].

Journal article: online only journal (volume & issue number available (Segon & Booth 2011)

Segon, M & Booth, C 2011, 'Bribery: what do Australian managers know and what do they do?', Journal of Business Systems, Governance and Ethics, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 15-29. Available from: [29 September 2015].