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Open Access Toolkit: UWA Profiles and Research Repository

UWA Profiles and Research Repository

The UWA Research Repository provides an Open Access (OA) platform to capture, store, index, and distribute globally a wide range of research outputs produced by the University's researchers and postgraduate students. 

It contains peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, as well as UWA theses (masters and doctorate degrees by research). There is a mixture of OA full text, embargoed full text and metadata records (bibliographic information describing the output).

Benefits of contributing to the UWA Profiles and Research Repository

Improved access to your research

UWA research publications in the Repository are distributed globally and searchable on the Web. The Repository is indexed by Google, OAIster and Trove. This exposure can increase the impact of your research by making it more visible and easier to access.

Secure archiving of your research outputs

Publications in the repository are archived in a secure digital environment. 

Compliance with funding mandates

The UWA Profiles and Research Repository enables researchers to comply with funding mandates to deposit associated publications into OA institutional repositories. See the 'Funding mandates' page in this guide for more information.  

Who can contribute to the UWA Profiles and Research Repository?
  • UWA staff and postgraduate students are eligible to contribute full text works to the Repository.
  • Eligible research outputs require at least one UWA affiliated author.
What can I contribute?

We can accept the publisher permitted version of peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers and book chapters for which there are bibliographic details already in the Repository. Check in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository to see if your articles/chapters can be included. Scholarly books, edited research books, including prestigious reference works and other forms of research outputs are also encouraged to be made openly accessible.

UWA students who commenced their candidature after March 2003 are required to deposit their Higher Degree Research theses (masters and doctorate degrees by research) with the UWA Research Repository, and will have been advised of this requirement by the Graduate Research School.

Where can I find more information about how to make my publications Open Access in the UWA repository?

To find out more about making your research Open Access at UWA please refer to the Repository’s  Support and FAQs. 

Where does the bibliographic data about my publications come from?

Publications that are indexed on Scopus or Web of Science, and where an author's byline includes The University of Western Australia, will be automatically imported into the Repository weekly.

UWA authors can add any missing publications at any time throughout the year. Authors can also email to add publication details on their behalf.

Authors are also able to set up their own auto-imports from a number of databases.

What version of my publication should I provide to the UWA Profiles and Research Repository?

Publishers have different policies on the versions of papers they will permit you to self-archive in an OA repository.

Pre-print version (submitted manuscript):
paper before peer review

Authors' accepted manuscript version (Post-print):
paper after peer-review, with revisions included

Published version:
paper that may be reformatted to the publishers preferred typeface etc.

Where to check?
Authors generally assign their copyright to publishers when they negotiate contracts. Your right to self-archive in an OA repository may be outlined in:

  • your publishing contract or agreement 
  • the publisher's instructions to authors

SHERPA/RoMEO, a searchable database of publishers' policies regarding the deposit of journal articles on the web and in OA repositories may provide guidelines.  Simply search for the name of the appropriate journal and note the guidelines provided.  If you are unsure of your archiving and reuse rights contact the publisher for clarification.

How to get your research into the Repository

For advice on how to contribute, check out the Repository Support and FAQs page.

Search the UWA Research Repository

Search in the UWA Research Repository

Repository content

See further information on the current contents of the Repository.



Find advice on copyright and the UWA Research Repository.

Copyright and the Repository

Detailed advice on copyright for theses is available in the Copyright and Higher Degree Theses Guide. This includes information on depositing your HDR thesis in the UWA Research Repository.

UWA Research Repository Policy

See the UWA Profiles and Research Repository policy.