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Oxford referencing style: EndNote

A guide to using the Oxford note citation referencing style for footnotes and reference lists.

Who can use EndNote?

  • UWA Staff and Students
  • Use of software is for UWA business only
  • Available on all UWA machines
  • Available to download to personal machines

What is EndNote?

EndNote is referencing software that enables you to create a library of references (author, title, etc) from your readings.

EndNote interacts with word processing programs like Word and lets you insert your references into a Word document and automatically format them correctly in your chosen reference style.

EndNote allows you to organise:

  • references
  • images
  • PDFs
  • Web sites
  • other documents

To use EndNote successfully you need to invest some time in learning to use the program. Unless your course involves a significant amount of literature searching you may find it more efficient to create your references manually. If you're unsure about whether to use EndNote you can contact a Librarian in your subject library for more information.

You may also want to use one of the free referencing tools available, such as Zotero (a Firefox extension) or Mendeley.

Note that the EndNote Oxford style is currently being reviewed to accomodate recent changes to the style.

UWA Oxford style file

To use EndNote for referencing in Oxford you must configure EndNote with the proper UWA Oxford style. In coordination with the UWA History Department, the Information Services has created an EndNote UWA Oxford style file for History staff and students.

To configure EndNote with the Oxford style:

  1. Click the link below to download the UWA Oxford style file
  2. Save the UWA Oxford style file into your EndNote Styles folder (this will be in your EndNote program folder, wherever it is located on your computer).

Once you have downloaded the UWA Oxford style and selected it to use in your EndNote library, EndNote will automatically apply the new style. Styles for specific journals can be found either in your EndNote styles folder or can be downloaded from the EndNote site. Please review the Help with Downloading before downloading EndNote files.

NOTE: you must have downloaded the EndNote program to your computer in order to make use of the style file. For complete information about style files and the EndNote program please read the EndNote Guide.

Using EndNote to insert footnotes

To use Endnote to insert footnotes into your Word document:

  1. Open your Endnote library and select the citation that you wish to insert.
  2. In Word, place the cursor at the position where you want to place the in-text citation.  Then select the References tab, and click on Insert Footnote.
  3. Now place your cursor in the footnote, and select the Endnote tab.  Ensure that you have the correct style selected (in the Bibliography group). 
  4. Insert the selected Endnote citation. Use this procedure for any citations that you insert.
  5. If you need to amend the footnote using the "Edit Citations" button on the Endnote tab.
  6. Insert a page break at the end of the main text, before your bibliography.
  7. Your bibliography should start on a new page, and the footnotes should appear at the bottom of each page, correctly formatted.

For more information you could use the information provided by the University of Queensland Library