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Photoshop and more ...: Adobe CC

Need to edit photos, videos, web pages or pdf files? Photoshop is available for use by UWA staff and students in a full suite of Adobe multimedia software. Access via the Multimedia Suite PCs located on the 1st floor of the Barry J Marshall Library.


An excellent source of video tutorials for the Adobe Creative Cloud programs is the AdobeTV site. Go to the Channels page for an overview of what is available.

The Help button on the Tool Bar of each product provides quick access to in-context instructions in text format. 

The Library does not provide training in the use of the Adobe software but self-help books are available.  OneSearch for adobe and creative limited to books.

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Visual Arts

This is a guide to visual arts resources including information on databases, referencing and locating images.

UWA Media Centres

Photoshop and more

Access to the Adobe Creative Cloud is available to UWA staff and students on the Multimedia Suite PCs on the 1st floor of the Barry J Marshall Library.




Acrobat XI Pro

PDF creation and editing.

After Effects

Animation, alteration, and compositing of media in 2D and 3D.


Digital audio editing.


Organizational program to link the parts of the Creative Suite.


Web page editing.

Edge Animate

Build browser-based content using HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS3 

Extend Script Toolkit

Create, edit, and debug JavaScript to be used for scripting Adobe applications

Extension Manager

Add and manage extensions in Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash including files with different extensions already installed.


Rapid creation of website prototypes and application interfaces (bitmap and vector graphics editing) 

Flash Builder

Professional-grade development tool for rapidly creating games and applications for the web and mobile devices.

Flash Professional

Design interactive experiences, game and mobile apps.


Graphics editing and creation (vector graphics)


Collaborative word processing (integrates with InDesign)


Desktop publishing.

Media Encoder

Live audio and video capture software that streams audio and video in real time to Flash Media Server software or Flash Video Streaming Service.


Create websites without having to write any code.


Photo editing (bit map graphics)


A video logging and ingest tool designed for intuitive, efficient media organization and metadata entry.  Features include speech transcription and rough cut creation.

Premiere Pro

Timeline based video editing in real-time with Adobe.


Color grading application providing layer-based color correction and look design tools for digital video projects.