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Law - Legal research guide: Legislation: Western Australia

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Resources - WA

Western Australia - subsidiary legislation - State Law Publisher

Compilations of Regulations

Compilations of Regulations in State Law Publisher, like compilations of acts, have notes listing historical amendments inserted under each provision. Like acts, they also include a Compilation Table at the end of the document, under Notes, which lists all historical amendments to the regulation.

“As Made” Subordinate Legislation: Western Australian Government Gazette

New (as made) regulations, both original and amending, are published in the Western Australian Government Gazette.

Regulations first appear in the WA Government Gazette. Before publication they are tabled in Parliament and reviewed by a Parliamentary Committee. Timeliness is important so this process is much quicker than that required for Statutes.

The Gazette is available online in State Law Publisher (1966+) and in the Legislation collection on Level 2 of the Beasley Law Library.

Locate a New or Amending Regulation in the Gazette

In order to do this, first you will need to find the date of publication.

  1. Go to the online compilation of the regulation on State Law Publisher
  2. Browse to the Compilation Table under Notes at the end of the regulation. The date of publication and page number in the Gazette, as well as commencement information, are provided here
  3. Alternatively, use the tables for Subsidiary Legislation, under Legislation Information, in State Law Publisher. This listing is an amalgamation of all Compilation Tables for all WA Regulations
  4. Now that you have the date and page number you can locate the Gazette. Go to State Law Publisher > Government Gazette > All Gazettes - Date Order, and browse to the regulation. Alternatively, if the regulation is pre-1998, locate the hardcopy version on the shelf in the Legislation collection on level 2 of the Beasley Law Library

Western Australia - forms of delegated legislation

Form Medium Resource Location

As Made


WA Government Gazette

Legislation collection: Level 2


WA Government Gazette (State Law Publisher)

1983 - current



Binders (current reprints only)

Legislation collection: Level 2



State Law Publisher



Please Note: The electronic consolidated version available on State Law Publisher is not an official version of the written laws of Western Australia. Official versions (hardcopy) are available only from the State Law Publisher. These are held in the Legislation Collection on Level 2 of the  Beasley Law Library.

Western Australia - is it in force?

When a regulation or rule has been made, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is in force. It is very important to know when new regulations or, amendments to existing regulations, are operational as the change does not become law until this date. When checking for commencement information, remember that some provisions in a regulation may come into operation before others.

Commencement dates are not published in the WA Government Gazette. If a new regulation or amending regulation is issued without a commencement date, refer to the Interpretation Act 1984 (WA) This Act specifies that subsidiary legislation comes into operation on the day of publication in the Gazette or on another day that is specified.

Some jurisdictions, like Queensland, have what is known as a sunset clause – the regulation is in effect for a specified time and will then expire. This is why you may not be able to find it under delegated legislation in force.

If you go to the Legislation Information Tables > Subsidiary Legislation in Force on State Law Publisher you will find commencement information in the right-hand column beside each regulation listed. The same information is listed in the Compilation Table at the end of the online consolidation.

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